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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Continuing Education

    AIA Continuing EducationThe Senergy Wall Systems team has developed a robust set of AIA/CES courses designed to help you stay current on the latest building envelope construction strategies and trends. Our courses are led by highly-knowledgeable instructors with real-world experience.

    Learn more about available courses and submit the form below. We will contact you to schedule a Lunch & Learn at a convenient time for you and your team. 

    Insulated ​Masonry Veneer Systems

    Course: SIKA-MIMVS01​
    Credits: 1.0 LU hour (HSW)
    What you can expect from the course.
    • ​Understand the challenges of multi-clad projects
    • Identify the importance and relevance of the IBC and the IECC and the required testing for compliance
    • Evaluate the key physical properties that impact long term performance of these systems
    • Understand how insulated masonry veneer systems can meet code compliance and durability while allowing for the desired aesthetics to be met for the project
    • Properly specify Insulated Masonry Veneer Systems​

    The Concepts of Color Appearance and Perception​

    Course: SIKA-MCOLOR01
    Credits: 1.0 LU hour
    What you can expect from the course.
    • Describe the influences on color perception and the three dimensions to color
    • Understand color appearance and perception​
    • Understand the Light Reflectance Values of color, and the impact it can have​
    • Choose the most suitable types of pigments based on project/product requirements
    • Identify the most common pigment qualities and their impact on color stability​

    Designing Continuous Insulation Systems

    Course Number: SIKA-CISYS01​
    Credits: 1.0 LU hour (HSW)
    What you can expect from the course.
    • Explore the functional and aesthetic development of EIFS since its inception
    • Demonstrate how changes in construction practices and code requirements are affecting wall cladding design
    • Explain how EIFS can be a simple and cost effective solution to meeting the Energy Code

    Fluid-Applied Air, Water and Vapor Barriers

    Course Number: SIKA-MFAAWVP
    Credits: 1.0 LU hour (HSW)
    What you can expect from the course.
    • Learn about the role of barriers in building envelope performance and how to treat rough openings in the wall using fluid-applied air barrier systems
    • Learn air barrier requirements and ways to demonstrate compliance
    • Learn the similarities and differences between air, vapor and water-resistive barriers and understand the criteria of a performance-based fluid-applied barrier material specification.

    ​Optimizing Stucco Performance

    Course Number: SIKA-FCSTUCCO​​
    Credits: 1.0 LU hour (HSW)
    What you can expect from the course.
    • Understand how to ensure performance of Stucco systems through proper specs, details, materials and options
    • Explore considerations that must be evaluated in order to ensure long-term performance of a project​​​​

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