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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Alpha Genie Base Coat

    Alpha Genie Base CoatAlpha Genie Base Coat is a 100% acrylic, fiber-reinforced base coat, adhesive and leveler that is field-mixed with Type I or Type II Portland cement.



    ​High build, fiber-reinforced

    ​Achieves excellent resistance to drying shrinkage cracks; improves coverage when embedding mesh

    ​Smooth, creamy consistency

    ​Trowels easily, speeds mesh embedment, reduces applicator arm fatigue, increases jobsite productivity

    ​Can be used as a leveling coat up 1/8" thick per pass, 1/4" total

    ​Minimizes multiple applications when leveling shallow spots or filling voids; spots fasteners in one pass without shrinking and cracking; reduces cement and pail disposal cost

    ​Versatile, multipurpose product

    ​Use as an adhesive, base coat and leveling coat

    ​Water based

    ​Safe, non-toxic; clean up easily with soap and water


    Alpha Genie Base Coat's properties enable it to be used as a leveler over masonry, stucco and other cementitious substrates. Alpha Genie Base Coat can be applied at a maximum thickness of 6 mm (1/4").Alpha Genie Base Coat is designed for use as the leveler, adhesive and/or base coat in several wall systems from Senergy:

    • Senershield
    • ​Senershield-R
    • Unpainted and unglazed concrete or unit masonry
    • PermaBase® brand cement board (or other ASTM C1325 Type A Exterior approved cement boards)
    • Poured concrete/unit masonry
    • Fiberock® Aqua-Tough™ sheathing
    • ASTM C1177 sheathings (eXP® by National Gypsum, GlasRoc® by Certainteed and DensGlass® exterior sheathing)
    • Gypsum sheathing (ASTM C79/C1396)
    • New and untreated Exposure 1 or exterior plywood sheathing (Grade C-D or better)
    • Exposure 1 OSB
    • Note: Wood-based sheathing substrates require priming with SenerPrime.

    Alpha Genie Base Coat is used with Senerflex EIFS, Senturion I, II, and III residential EIFS, Senergy Cement-Board Stucco System and all Senergy Surfacing Systems to embed corner mesh and Senergy Reninforcing Mesh.

    ​Alpha Genie Base Coat will also adhere expanded polystyrene insulation board (EPS) to expanded polystyrene insulation board, enabling the build out of architectural shapes and details.


    27.2 kg per 19-liter pail (60 lbs per 5-gallon pail)


    (Approximate coverage rates are shown.) Adhere EPS insulation board to substrate:

    • ​14.8 m² (160 ft²) per pail via notched trowel method

    • 16.7 m² (180 ft²) per pail via ribbon and dab method

    Embed FLEXGUARD 4: 29.7 m² (320 ft²) per pail

    Embed INTERMEDIATE 12: 21.3 m² (230 ft²) per pail

    Embed Hi-Impact 20 and Flexguard 4: 16.7 m²(180 ft²) per pail

    Adhere EPS insulation board to substrate and embed​Flexguard​ 4: 11.1 m² (120 ft²) per pail​

    Alpha Genie Base Coat Product Bulletin

    Alpha Genie Base Coat

    Product Data Sheet