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    Senershield-RS is a one-component fluid-applied vapor permeable air/water-resistive barrier. Waterproof and resilient, it may be spray-, roller-, or brush-applied directly to approved wall substrates. Senershield-RS can be applied in temperatures as low as 25°F (-4°C) and rising.​​

    It provides excellent secondary moisture protection behind most wall claddings including EIFS, stucco (slip sheet required), brick, siding and metal panels. Listed in ICC ESR-2986.​



    ​Can be used with most code-compliant claddings

    ​One continuous air/water-resistive barrier for buildings with multiple claddings

    ​Meets ASTM D 1970 nail sealability requirements with and without Sheathing Fabric

    Self-sealing performance

    ​One component, low VOC formulation

    ​Easy to apply, meets VOC requirements in all 50 states

    ​Approved for Senergy Wall Systems

    Full system warranty with Senergy EIFS andstucco wall claddings


    ​Cleans up with water; solvents and citrus-based cleaners are not required

    Tough, abrasion resistant

    Rugged membrane resists damage after installation

    Nonflammable as applied

    Promotes workplace safety

    180 day outdoor exposure rating (30 days if used as part of an adhesively fastened wall system)

    ​Flexible construction scheduling


    Senershield-RS is used as a vapor permeable air/water-resistive barrier over the following exterior wall substrates:

    • ASTM C1177 type sheathings, including DensGlass™ or DensElement™ exterior sheathing, eXP™ sheathing, GlasRoc® sheathing, Securock™ glass-mat sheathing, Weather Defense™ Platinum sheathing, GreenGlass® sheathing
    • PermaBase™ brand cement board by National Gypsum (or other ASTM C1325 Type A Exterior approved cement boards)
    • Untreated Exposure I or exterior plywood sheathing (grade C-D or better)
    • Untreated Exposure I OSB
    • Gypsum sheathing (ASTM C79/ASTM C1396)
    • Poured concrete/unit masonry

    Senershield-RS should not be used for below grade applications or on surfaces subject to water immersion.

    How to apply Senershield fluid-applied air/water-resistive barrier

    Watch the step-by-step application of Senershield air/water-resistive barrier.