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    Looking for some inspiration? Check out our collection of projects, showcasing a variety of structures from hospitality to multi-family, mixed use and much more. Discover​ how Senergy Wall Systems can increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing costs and complexity on your next project.​

    Commercial & Mixed Use Teaser Image

    Commercial & Mixed Use

    K-12 Education Teaser Image

    K-12 Education

    Healthcare Teaser Image


    Multi-Family & Residential Teaser Image

    Multi-Family & Residential

    Hospitality Teaser Image


    More projects Teaser Image

    More projects

    ​​View Projects by System or Finish

    Insulated Masonry Veneer Wall System Teaser Image

    Insulated Masonry Veneer Wall System

    View projects featuring the Insulated Masonry Veneer System.

    Wood Grain Effect Teaser Image

    Wood Grain Effect

    View projects featuring Wood Grain Effect​, an acrylic finish technique that creates the warm, inviting look of wood panels.​

    Chroma Finish Teaser Image

    Chroma Finish

    View projects featuring Chroma Finish, high performance colorants integrated into 100% acrylic polymer finishes​ with superior fade resistance​.

    Alumina Finish Teaser Image

    Alumina Finish

    View projects featuring Alumina Finish, an acrylic finish that provides a classic granite or marble-like stone appearance.