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    As buildings age, they need care and maintenance to ensure that the products and systems used work together to provide the expected level of performance and protection.

    Restored buildings need to look impressive, manage heat, air and moisture effectively, function with existing structural elements, meet evolving building code requirements​ and do so in a cost-effective manner. The complexity and volume of information can be daunting.

    The Renew program leverages our extensive resources and experience to provide a wide range of restoration solutions for a comprehensive building envelope solution.​​​​​​​

    ​The Renew program begins with maintenance of buildings and provides progressively more intensive solutions that match the needs of aging structures or preferences of new owners. The Renew program includes four stages, including Refresh, Repair, Overclad and Reclad to meet the building’s needs through out its life cycle.​​

    Why Renew with Senergy?

    • Sustainability - When a building is restored, we keep waste out of landfills and make responsible use of existing resources. We offer products and support for sustainable construction. Visit the Sustainability​ section for easy access to LEED certifications, Red List Free product lists, and Health Product Declaration (HPD)​.
    • Energy Efficiency -  Renew Restoration delivers improved protection against water and air infiltration, a prime contributor to diminished r-values. Adding Senershield fluid-applied air / water-resistive barrier and insulation can be used to control air and water movement through the building, reducing energy usage and costs. 
    • Safety - Assuring the structural integrity of the building and facade improves occupant safety. Better seals also prevent the passage of air and moisture, reducing mold and mildew, and improving interior comfort for building occupants.  
    • Return on Investment - The restored building becomes an attractive asset to the community, increasing its value and desirability. 
    Renew Restoration Program Brochure Teaser Image

    Renew Restoration Program Brochure

    EIFS Resurfacing

    A reinforced acrylic surfacing system designed for the renovation of EIFS clad buildings.​​

    Stucco Resurfacing

    A reinforced acrylic surfacing system designed for the renovation of stucco clad buildings.​​​

    Senergy Restoration

    Aesthetic changes to a building can be accomplished quickly by recoating or refinishing an existing EIFS or Stucco project.

    Headline Teaser Image

    Clean and inspect the building, identify minor repairs to prevent larger issues in the future and extend the life of the cladding.

    Headline Teaser Image

    In some cases, an existing cladding can be directly applied over to be repurposed for a new owner, purpose, or design improvement.

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    Larger challenges with an existing cladding may require removal and recladding to address current problems and dramatically improve energy efficiency and design.

    Restoration Projects Teaser Image

    Restoration Projects

    Check out our Restoration projects.

    Restoration Project: Vallagio at Inverness

    Reconstruction Experts and Advanced Stucco Design discuss how they collaborated to deliver a high-quality, cost-effective restoration solution with Senergy by Master Builders Solutions.

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    Contact us

    Contact us to discuss your next project or if you have any technical questions.