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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Advanced Exterior Systems scores another success with the Towerview Ballantyne Luxury Apartments​






    ​​Offering customers the benefit of more than four decades of hands-on experience with EIFS​, stucco and commercial cladding systems of all kinds, Advanced Exterior Systems (AES) of Raleigh, North Carolina has earned a proven reputation for delivering trustworthy expertise, high quality workmanship and painstaking attention to detail on every high-end commercial construction project they handle.​

    A subsidiary of Precision Walls, Inc., AES, like their parent company, is proud to be 100% employee owned. Each member of the AES family is incentivized as an owner and is dedicated to exceeding every client expectation as they work together to bring the clients’ vision to life. This ownership, they say, is a big part of what helps the AES team focus on continually providing superior service, and fuels their collective passion for building the strongest, most mutually beneficial long-term customer relationships possible.​
    These were likely some of the reasons that AES was tapped to install the exterior for Towerview, a visionary new high-rise luxury apartment development in the upscale Ballantyne community of Charlotte, North Carolina. The Towerview complex, a two-building, high profile residential project, included architect Cline Design Associates and general contractor Northwood Ravin. The project added more than 200 amenity-rich apartment homes to the rapidly growing, upscale area—and was highly anticipated by many community stakeholders.

    Starting with ‘the perfect skin’—Senergy from Master Builders Solutions

    According to AES Chief Operating Officer Matt Chance, “we had confidence in Senergy Wall Systems for the ‘skin’ of Towerview. Senergy provided a fully integrated, high performance wall system utilizing their Channeled Adhesive CI Design System​

    “We were very pleased when we saw that,” he said. “We’ve been working with Senergy products for 14 years and we could tell right away that it is the system that would suit the building best. It was just a great product for this application. And we knew Senergy would support us with great service that would be a huge help on this project.”

    Why has the AES team been so enamored with Senergy Wall Systems? According to Chance, as well as colleagues like Senior Project Manager Dijalma Galvao, there are a number of reasons. They start with the product itself.

    For example, they said, there is Senershield-R, a fluid-applied air/water barrier​. “Through experience, we believe strongly in the long-term performance of Senershield-R. It’s a very robust and durable product, backed by a 12-year warranty. And, it has excellent self-sealing capabilities,” explained Galvao. “Our applicators are confident using Senershield-R. They say the consistency is superior.  Plus, it’s really versatile. The one product will cover every area of the building, behind any kind of cladding.”  

    “That versatility is a big plus,” added Chance. “With most other air/water barriers you have to wrap some building details like the windows with a different material. Senershield-R allows us to cover the entire building with the same high-quality product. That saves time, money and gives the owners additional confidence that the barrier was installed properly. There’s no opportunity for confusion or human error with the wrong material going in the wrong location because the same great material is versatile enough to go everywhere. And that also means fewer individual products to deal with on site. Senershield-R really streamlines the process.”

    Backed by “got your back” service

    According to Chance, AES also always likes to see Senergy products attached to any project because he knows his team will not only get superior products, but also all the support they need—and more.

    “Senergy consistently has what we need and delivers when we need it, and they always do what they say they are going to do,” he said. “This project had some challenging delivery needs but Senergy was right there, adhering to the schedule every time. We feel they always have our backs and we can always rely on them without any hesitation.”

    Having worked with Senergy many times over the years, Chance and Galvao have no shortage of examples of Master Builders Solutions going the extra mile to support them.

    “Occasionally, there might be a situation where installation information and drawings are needed for an unusual or challenging location on a building, and no one jumps on those requests faster than Senergy Wall Systems,” said Galvao. “That is a big plus for us and our customers, and really helps keep things moving.”

    “Senergy is also very responsive when we need a progress inspection and need to get a supplier rep on site. They are there very promptly so there are no delays,” added Chance. “If a supplier dragged their feet or gave the need low priority it could really cost us big. The meter’s always running, and we would be stuck there paying people, and paying rental costs on equipment. Senergy Wall Systems understands that and gets us what we need to keep us on schedule and keep us—and our customers—happy.”

    Meanwhile, the Towerview complex is open, stakeholders are pleased and units are filling briskly, with renters enamored of the “resort-like” aesthetics and amenities of the buildings, and the easy walkability of the location, surrounded by everything from offices to shops to entertainment to restaurants to green spaces and trails.

    “We at AES are proud to be a part of such a high profile, high quality project for the people of Charlotte and Ballantyne,” said Chance. “And we’re proud to work with Senergy on the project and appreciate the valuable support they delivered throughout the process.”

    ​Project Summary

    Towerview at Ballantyne is a visionary high-rise apartment community, located in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, NC. The 18-story building offers luxury amenities and designer features. The design team and owner wanted to achieve a multi-cladding exterior, energy efficiency and avoid breaching the underlying continuous insulation and weather barrier. The solution was clear — Senergy’s Channeled Adhesive CI Design with MaxGrip Veneer Mortar. The best-in-class system seamlesly incorporates the critical heat, air and moisture control layers and features MaxGrip Veneer Mortar, a high strength mortar used to adhear stone and thin brick veneer without mechanical fasteners.