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    ​​​​Fox Valley Construction & Insulated Masonry Veneer Systems​

    How much does Contractor Peter Klyachenko like the Insulated Masonry Veneer System? So much, he’s putting it on his own home.​




    For nearly thirty years, Fox Valley Construction has been providing a wide variety of construction services to building owners in the Chicago area, as well as throughout much of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. Specializing in building envelopes and exterior cladding services including EIFS, stucco, siding, brick, stone, sealing and more, President and Founder Peter Klyachenko is not only proud of the customer accolades he and his team have earned over the years, but also the reputation for innovation the company has achieved, with new products and techniques developed in such areas as stucco and paneling—many of them patented.

    Earlier this year, Klyachenko had heard about the new Insulated Masonry Veneer System from Senergy Wall Systems​ by Master Builders Solutions, a continuously insulated drainage wall cladding system that utilizes proprietary MaxGrip Veneer Mortar—a uniquely formulated, high-strength setting bed mortar—to adhere lightweight, masonry veneer  such as natural and manufactured stone, tile and thin brick. As a driver of industry innovations himself, he recognized it as a game changing solution.

    “We had seen many issues with stone veneer installation over the years and knew that it was an area that was ripe for improvement,” he explained. “One big issue has been the quality of adhesives that were available. We would get calls every so often about stones falling to the ground. There are probably a number of failure points but one thing we see in cold climates is moisture getting behind the stone and freezing, putting pressure on the stone.”

    Revolutionizing stone building application

    Klyachenko specified the Insulated Masonry Veneer System for two commercial projects and soon saw the difference for himself.​

    “MaxGrip solves every adhesion problem we’ve ever encountered. You just add water and the adhesion is amazing—there has never been anything comparable. We had to pull a stone off one time and it was nearly impossible to get off—certainly not without destroying the stone,” he said. “The MaxGrip bond is like iron. I really think the building will fall down before the stone does!”

    But, he notes, adhesion is only one aspect of the Insulated Masonry Veneer System that has impressed him.

    “Another component is MaxFlash—it’s a phenomenal material to fill in all the gaps around windows, A/C units and so on,” he said. “What do we like about it? For one thing, even if you get to work early and the substrate is a little damp due to morning condensation, the material still sticks like crazy—it really saves us a lot of time and trouble.”

    Klyachenko also likes the advanced drainage system that is inherent to the Insulated Masonry Veneer System, as well as the fact that it is one-piece, continuous insulation, with no overlap, and, especially, no holes.

    “Every other system, you have to make holes and pierce the barrier with nails or screws. I think the penetration ruins the R value and I hate doing it,” he said. “Now, I don’t have to anymore. The Insulated Masonry Veneer System is true continuous insulation.”

    And, he notes, there is even more “icing on the cake.”

    “The traditional methods, for all their faults, can still be very expensive,” he said. “The Insulated Masonry Veneer  System is not only much better; it is much more affordable too.”

    At home with Senergy by Master Builders Solutions

    The benefits he was delivering to his customers were so impressive that Klyachenko and his family decided to bring them “in-house” as well, using the Insulated Masonry Veneer System to apply a beautiful stone façade to the new custom home they were building. Of course, he said, colleagues in the trade were immediately interested in this innovative new system he was installing—and he was more than happy to show them around.

    “I’ve had a number of industry colleagues come check it out,” he noted. “There was one colleague in particular, known as a top insulation engineer and well-published in the industry. He looked it over and was amazed. He said, ‘I want you to show me your winter heating bills—they’re going to be so low!’”

    As work on the home finishes up, Klyachenko notes that the installation process of the Insulated Masonry Veneer System has been very smooth, as most Chicago-area projects have been for him in nearly three decades of working with Master Builders Solutions products. 

    “The local Master Builders Solutions representatives are terrific—they are always available to us and responsive with product information and technical support,” said Klyachenko. “Certainly, people have come and gone over the years, but no matter who we deal with there, they are always excellent to work with, and great partners for our business.”​​

    ​P​roject Summary


    This single-family home, located in the Chicago, Illinois suburbs features the Channeled Adhesive CI Design with MaxGrip Veneer Mortar. This fully integrated wall system incorporates continuous insulation, air/water-resistive barrier and drainage. The system was selected for its superior energy efficiency properties and the use of MaxGrip Veneer Mortar, an innovative setting bed mortar proven to demonstrate high-strength adhesion.​